Tuesday, August 1, 2017

International Courses

Khun Teeramate taught the famous "sniper" course at Baiyoke Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. This course was held in May 2017 with over 100 participants. The "sniper" course helps people to take advantage of quick moves in the Foreign Exchange market. With the correct techniques taught by Khun Teeramate, lucrative profits can be made by trading these quick moves.

Rick Ray assists with the Foreign Exchange trading course at Baiyoke Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Rick teaches special trading techniques which can be used to realize profits with any currency pair in any time frame. Simple and easy to follow techniques help the beginning trader to make sustainable and consistent profit from trading Forex.

This VIP Trader Course was held at the 5 Star Siam Bayshore Resort in Pattaya, Thailand in July 2017. 2 days and 3 nights of intensive, exceptional trading techniques were taught using live workshops and actual trading.

Weekly informal meetups are held to introduce interested people to the Foreign Exchange market and the adventure of trading Forex. Meetings are hosted by Rick Ray. Come and join us for a cup of coffee.